Monday, November 12, 2007

Fall 2007
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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Graduation Ceremony

June 19'th was Grace's last offical day of preschool and it was Graduation Day. The classroom was arranged like an auditorium full of little chairs and each child was given a graduation hat. Everything was very cute! Ginnie, called each preschooler up by name and handed them each a certificate. I was so proud that Grace went up all by herself, as a few other preschoolers had refused to participate. She looked so excited and proud as she turned around to face the crowd of her peers and all the parents as they clapped.

Way to Go, Grace!

Preschool has given her lots of opportunity to explore art, music, playing and friendship...and she even has more hair and enough to have a real ponytail!!! Yay!
Here are a few other pictures of that day...

Grace with her teacher Kyna. Grace loves Kyna - she often sticks close to her side.

Braden likes preschool too!

Braden's Dedication!

On May 20th Kevin and I dedicated Braden at Summerland Baptist Church. We waited so long because it was important for us to stand in front of a church we could call home and commit before "our church family" to bring Braden up in a Godly home and to teach him about God's word and love.

It was a nice dedication service performed by Sue, the Children and Families pastor and Pam her assistant. Braden was a wiggly guy and wanted to run on the stage but we managed to distract him long enough to get the job done!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Here is what else we have been doing!

A little bit of DIRT BIKIN'

A little bit of DIGGIN'

Catching Up!

Yes, I have taken a very long break from Blogging! Hopefully I still have some readers out there! I have several excuses.

We purchased a house in Summerland! Yay! We moved in on February 2nd. We also have started some fairly major renovations(keeping with the Bond tradition). LOL! Which include: moving exterior doors, framing in the front porch, moving a bedroom, knocking out walls, new kitchen and bathroom, and lots of yard work too!

So it has been a little chaotic! Well, only at times. It is, however, a construction zone; messy and dirty.

Our living quarters are primarily in the basement, aside from cooking, bathing and eating. We are all sharing the bedroom downstairs and evenings are spent in the rec room.

And of course, another reason that I have not blogged is because the computer is tucked away in the deepest, darkest corner of the basement; the part that has poor lighting, concrete walls and floor, and for me, it is not the most enjoyable place to spend too much time. It does, however, help keep Kevin on task with the renos!
Here are a few pictures

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Grace Turns 3!

Grace is Three!

I can hardly believe how fast the time went and how much has changed. The first year seemed like forever but even with the feeding problems and the worries it went by pretty fast and now here we are at Three!

Grace is doing awesome! She is independant and sometimes stubborn. Grace loves collecting rocks and leaves, playing outside and going on adventures to the hardware store with daddy. Grace also knows what she does NOT like to wear, particularily dresses or skirts, but is pretty much happy with anything else as long as it is not "too fuzzy". She does not have one favorite toy and usually is very creative in finding something to play with.

Happy Birthday "G" you are a very special girl!

We Love you!

Looking Back

Grace's first year!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

My Kids!

Monday, November 06, 2006

My Day!

Do you think they need a bath?

8 pairs of wet pee soaked panties and pants

3 loads of laundry

2 Green faces

and 1 bowl of spilled cat food

Today I feel like I spent the whole day changing diapers, and dragging an unwilling toddler to the potty, dressing and undressing kids, folding clothes and lecturing about peeing on the potty and coloring on paper only!

Yep! That was it! MY DAY!

A Floater at the Pool!

It was brown and it came out of Grace's swimsuit and it was EVERYWHERE. It was in the baby pool, on the deck and in the hot tub!

I have read other people's blogs and there are lots of poo stories out there but this one beats them all! In a public pool of all places - other people cleaned it up and they had to drain the pool. It was a big deal! It was not just a smear on the carpet or on the walls, it was in the public pool!

I was showering (taking any responsiblity off of me BTW) when Kevin quickly removed Grace from the baby pool when he discovered a floater. He notified the staff of the problem, unaware that he was holding the guilty party. Soon he discovered the source and was not so quick to draw anymore attention to the growing situation. I was so embarassed as I waited in the pool area for Kevin and Grace as the staff cleaned up my daughters mess. They looked pretty annoyed -- and for good reason! Who wants to clean up poo?!

Unfortuantely, Grace was clueless about how horrible the situation was. I don't think it will help in teaching her that poo in panties or pools is a no-no!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Taking Pictures

These are a sample of Grace's photography. Not bad for a 3 year old! We didn't, however, include the ones of the ceiling and the floor.

Trick or Treating And Halloween Fun!

We started out at about 6:30pm and it lasted for about an hour. Walking around our neighbourhood, Grace dressed as a lamb and Braden as a cow, knocking on doors and asking for treats. We went with our neighbours Chris and Corry and their little girl Aniesa. Our street was very alive with all sorts of characters carring their treats and looking for more. The street was decked out with some fun and some very scary decorations all adding to a party atmosphere. It was GREAT and everyone had a lot of fun!

We finished off our evening by meeting up with the other Bond family at the Peter's house for the annual fire, hotdogs, chili and pie. The kids were soooo tired, Grace could hardly stay awake to get her pajamas on. She walked to her bed and fell asleep half on and half off her bed and stayed there until Kevin came back with her water. I wish I had gotten a picture of that one!